Customer relations management: discover the Speakylink solution to optimize your after-sales service

The digital transformation of companies, driven by the new connected technologies, affects all sectors. Businesses must equip themselves with new tools to face the challenges of today and prepare for those of tomorrow.

In this way, the After Sales Service must also be able to respond to new needs, be even more responsive and efficient in helping customers, acceding to their requests and solving problems. The best way to build customer loyalty and offer a multi-channel customer experience.

Speakylink, your visual assistance solution, allows professionals to equip themselves with a tool that is perfectly capable of revolutionizing their after-sales service, but also all aspects of marketing, to significantly improve the customer experience. A tele-expertise solution that goes much further, to both reduce distances, allow an optimized remote relationship and thus bring total satisfaction to customers. Because only when you work with the right tools can you fulfill your goals, Speakylink stands by your side.

Customer relations management with Speakylink

The Speakylink visual assistance is based on a very simple principle. Take the example of the after-sales service : a customer has a problem using his product or encounters a malfunction. He then contacts you. The old method was to try to help him by telephone, simply by voice. Today, thanks to Speakylink, you can send a link by SMS or email via the Speakylink interface. Your client simply clicks on the link and starts the session. You have at your disposal several ways to help it: live video, the exchange of documents such as notices for example, localization or screen sharing and co-navigation.

The Speakylink revolution for your customer relations management

Because an improved customer experience is the basis of a good development and a satisfied customer, who is the subject of the greatest attention, will have every chance of returning, it is important to have the best tools. Tools such as the Speakylink solution, in line with the demands of our time, able to meet new challenges.

Speakylink has also proved its relevance in 2020, in the complicated context of the health crisis. If they are unable to travel or wish to limit travel, both to ensure the safety of their employees and to reassure customers, companies can then provide a relevant solution. A solution that no longer makes travel mandatory, but that still values the expertise of fax operators.

Customer relations management but not only…

It applies to other aspects, different from the after-sales service. For sales and consulting, for example, Speakylink can also allow you to continue your business and even develop it, even in a complex context.

Thus, the management of the customer relations is completely optimized. It becomes easier to help customers, develop sales, reduce product returns, boost in-store traffic and improve the customer experience. The Speakylink solution is also modular and very easy to use. An intuitive tool, shaped to meet the needs of companies, whatever their field of activity.

To take advantage of the considerable advantages of the Speakylink solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Give yourself the best chances and optimize the management of your customer relations with Speakylink!