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France Info – Interview with Philippe Feigel, President of the CHD Vendée Medical Commission

On March 22, 2020, on France Info Interview with Philippe Feigel , President of the Medical Commission of CHD Vendée, tells us about the adoption of Speakylink, software for telediagnosis, teleconsultation to be able to continue the consultations of patients of the center remotely.

Hospitals of the “Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire de Vendée (GHT85)” have been using Speakylink since the beginning of the pandemic to respond to the need to carry out essential medical consultations or advice, while limiting travel. The current health crisis requires the adaptation of patient management methods. The principle adopted is that of a secure videoconference between the doctor and the patient.

Existing telemedicine platforms did not meet the need for fast and functional simple procedures during a crisis. The innovation approach of the GHT85 has been to seek the solution that can meet the following criteria:

  • Simple and secure,

  • Intuitive, without training,

  • Without data recording by the provider,

  • Accessible on a maximum of audio or digital equipment,

  • Preferring a dual mode: telephony and computer or tablet,

  • Not requiring installation of applications for either professionals or patients.