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Video conference : Discover the benefits of visual assistance in the industry

Visual assistance has become a real revolution in recent years. Especially in the industry where real-time video calling allows technicians and other on-site users to get answers to their questions when they encounter a problem. The opportunity to receive live advice from geographically remote experts, thanks to a powerful and reliable multi-channel solution.

Speakylink offers you an intuitive visual assistance that allows you to provide your customers with tailored responses from a simple phone call or from your website by click to call. Complete your call with the communication channel of your choice: visio, voice call, screen sharing, live video, hypertext links, photos, etc. 

Why adopt visual assistance in industry ?

While this is of course not the only sector to be able to benefit from the considerable advantages of video assistance, the industry still faces daily problems that this tool can help solve. Here’s why…

Video calling : the multichannel is trend !

Today, connected objects are everywhere: tablets and other smartphones are essential and now powerful enough to manage video streams in real time and high definition. The same is true of networks, 4 or 5G, which allow visual assistance and more widely video calling, to be fully democratized, including in more marginal areas.

Today, it seems essential for companies, whether in industry or elsewhere, to offer their customers high-performance visual assistance solutions.

Video calling does not represent a big investment

The Speakylink solution, among the many advantages it offers, also has a very accessible side to it. The Speakylink solution, which requires no time-consuming installation, runs from a computer, a call centre and traditional connected devices such as smartphones and tablets, can be used very quickly. This significantly reduces operational costs and makes it possible to offer its customers an even more satisfying experience. 

Video calling for all circumstances

The health crisis has shown us that today’s tools must allow us to deal with all situations, including the most unexpected. Video calling definitely won its letters of nobility during the lockdown, in that it allowed many companies in the industry (but not only), to continue their activity. The visual assistance offered professionals the opportunity to stay in touch with their customers and provide them with all the answers to their questions.

Speakylink allows you to optimize the primary wealth of your company, namely your employees. No longer forced to travel at all costs, they can bring their expertise to your customers and participate, thanks to multi-channel solutions, in the growth of the business.

Video calling for better traceability

Totally multi-channel, the Speakylink solution allows you to document your operations from the first to the last step, thanks to video-assistance. You can make screenshots, store information, share videos or photos, use chat… All while keeping a record of the operations.

Upon arrival, customer satisfaction is increased tenfold and with it the chance to be able to retain your customers, thanks to a service on all fronts, in all circumstances. 

Do not hesitate and go to visual assistance with the Speakylink solution! A customizable tool that will allow you to respond to your customer relationship issues regardless of your business sector: after-sales, e-business, automotive, banking, insurance, etc.

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