Visual assistance and return on investment : a real opportunity for companies

Digital transformation is at the heart of the concerns of businesses and public service organizations, to name just two examples. A transformation must enable an organization to offer its customers and employees an optimized experience.

In other words, it is now necessary to be able to offer its customers services that are consistent with their expectations but also relevant to current technologies. Visual assistance thus replaces the old models in many areas, whether retail, insurance, banking, construction or industry. A tool that Speakylink has developed in order to offer you an intuitive turnkey solution, easy to use, lightweight because it does not require any installation for your customers and totally able to offer a multi-channel experience. The Speakylink visual assistance solution also represents a very attractive return on investment. Let’s take the example of the after-sales service problem-solving time of one of Speakylink customer : who has seen the resolution time of its customer tickets significantly decrease, going from an exchange of more than 3 emails to solve a problem before the Speakylink solution to a single email once the solution is installed.

The return on investment of visual assistance

Often referred to by the acronym ROI, return on investment refers to the financial ratio used to compare amounts invested in a project with amounts earned or lost. The calculation of this ROI is necessary as a statistical tool allowing a better decision-making on the direction to be given to future investments.

Aderdeen Group, an American psychology firm designed to help individuals and professionals achieve their goals, has published a study about the return on investment in visual assistance. A study whose results prove more than eloquent.

Visual assistance has been shown to significantly improve customer loyalty (x 14.6), but also employee productivity (x 3.8), and customer satisfaction (x 2.8).

Visual assistance is able to increase the turnover of a company (up to 81% according to the study) but also to multiply by 2.5 the conversion rate of a website. A last very important point… The conversion rate of a website that refers to the percentage of Internet users who have carried out an action on a site. For example, on an e-commerce site, the conversion rate refers to visitors who have made a purchase. But this may be for visitors who fill out a contact form or subscribe to a newsletter.

Visual assistance : a real opportunity for professionals

The important thing is that one of the many collateral benefits of visual assistance is to encourage website visitors or customers to make a purchase, engage more globally and come back later, while being satisfied with the benefits you offer.

Finally, Aberdeen found that all companies that have integrated a visual support solution have not only increased their turnover, but also improved their customer service and after-sales service, while optimizing the customer experience, the conversion rate of their website and therefore the satisfaction of their customers.

Visual assistance : a prudent and profitable investment

It therefore seems clear that investing in a visual assistance solution is essential to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, to retain customers and optimize their experience, while offering its employees tools fully in line with current requirements and constraints.

The Speakylink visual assistance solution, which is designed for all sectors of activity thanks to its modular and intuitive character, offers a very attractive return on investment. A fast and significant ROI as part of a modernization of the company’s arsenal.

Speakylink which is ultimately as simple and relevant for professionals as for customers. And this in multiple cases… To sell, advise, troubleshoot, guide… The multi-channel solution Speaklink gives the opportunity, in addition to the visio, to share documents, photos or files of all natures or to proceed with the sharing of screens.

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