Visual assistance : how Speakylink can help you improve the customer experience

For a long time, the customer experience that companies were able to provide was often hampered by limited tools. Today, however, things have changed and there are more opportunities when you want to offer your customers an optimized experience and thus promote greater loyalty.

Speakylink is here to offer you the best visual assistant solution and therefore offers you the opportunity to truly improve the customer experience.

Visual assistance : who is affected ?

Today, and especially in a complicated context related to the health crisis, visual assistance is useful and is needed in a vast majority of areas. A perfect multi-function tool to better adapt to constraints that the old solutions did not allow to exceed.

Thus, visual assistance is relevant in areas such as automotive. It thus becomes easier to sell vehicles remotely or in any case to accompany the customer in his choice. The visual assistance that allows, from your website, to better orient your customers to offer them the opportunity to make the right choice. Afterwards, or at the same time, your employees benefit from tailored solutions to deal with requests related to technical problems, breakdowns, assistance… How better to troubleshoot a customer than by making a first diagnosis with him, live, through the visio?

Another example with retail companies. The Speakylink Visual Assistance allows sellers to remotely advise their customers on their online purchase from a website. It then becomes very simple for them to click on a link to get in touch with a seller. The contact in visio can also be established from a first telephone exchange. The employee sends a clickable link to the customer and the customer connects very easily, without installing any software.

To best refer visitors to your website, advise them a product fully adapted to their requirements and needs, but also, subsequently, troubleshoot them, inform them about the use of a particular product, the Speakyink Visual Assistance Solution is a natural choice because of its ease of use and intuitive character.

Visual assistance, which is now self-evident in insurance, banking, construction, e-business, industry or fashion, and more generally wherever customers need advice in the context of an after-sales service, a purchase or the smooth running of a project.

Visual assistance : the Speakylink solution for a better customer experience

The Speakylink visual assistance, because of its modular nature, is thus suitable for a very large number of professions and fields.

It improves the customer experience, regardless of the context. Speakylink equips you with space-saving tools that can reduce the resolution time of your tickets, optimize customer satisfaction, limit the movement of your teams and thus save time and money, significantly reduce your carbon footprint and leverage the expertise of your fax operators.

Suitable for small or large structures, for customer relations but also to optimize the interactions between employees, especially between those in the field and their colleagues on site, the Speakylink solution stands out thanks to its great simplicity.

For all the information you need about Speakylink solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. An optimal solution, shaped to improve the customer experience, easy to use, without installation and totally secure to face the challenges of today and tomorrow, serenely !