About Speakylink

A visual assistance solution requiring no installation and secure

We help you offer the best customer experience!


We’ve all faced a situation that’s hard to describe over the phone

In spite of the emergence of numerous new technologies, the telephone remains companies’ primary communication channel
Even though it’s still by far the top choice, sometimes voice communication is insufficient to describe a complex situation

This is where Speakylink comes in !

Speakylink is a visual assistance solution for call centers (after-sales service, customer service, complaints department, etc.).
From a traditional phone call in progress, received or made, Speakylink allows customer advisers to offer in addition to their calls: video, co-browsing, timestamped photos, chat and files… to allow you to better contextualize the customer’s problem.

Speakylink is a French visual assistance solution, without installation/download and for the call centers.

Adopt the medium of video to add a little more human interaction into the customer experience.

We use technology to serve relationships between people.

Clearly, our mission is to erase the irritants of everyday life while contributing to the CSR approach of companies thanks to an easy-to-use solution, without installation and secure.

The 4 steps to give a new vision to your teams and to your interactions


une personne au téléphone ne comprend pas ce que dit son interlocuteur

A difficulty

You receive a call. When words are no longer sufficient, the discussion requires a visual assistance solution.


l'agent speakylink envoie un lien sms a son interlocuteur

A link

Whilst on the call, you send them a link by text message or email through the Speakylink’s interface.


l'interlocuteur reçoit un mail par sms et clique dessus

A simple click

on the link to start the session.


L'interlocuteur peut montrer en direct ce qu'il voit pour que l'agent puisse contextualiser son besoin (image: une personne tien un portable dans ses main montrant un colis défectueux)

A solution

Ask their permission to share webcam, documents, photos, location, enable co-browsing, …

Speakylink Team :

Our team is motivated by the challenges faced by customer service professionals, with common values :




Our mission

Social Impact

Speakylink allows a daily transfer of information between an advisor and a customer. No need to move from their office, your advisor can assist their customer directly on the phone.

Misunderstanding over the phone can be stressful for employees. By giving them a visual support, it improves their well-being at work, and reduces the emotional burden of their interactions with clients. Speakylink offers them a new vision and new interactions with clients.

Environmental Impact

Speakylink’s has been created to reduce the carbon footprint of human activity on Earth. The studies already carried out by our customers prove that a complete use of Speakylink in the processes of control, diagnosis, assistance and maintenance reduces the carbon production of these companies by tens of tons.

That’s why we like to say that “it has never been so good for the planet to bring people together.”

To guarantee the quality and objectivity of our approach, we are committed to several organizations such as Coq vert, Planète RSE and have just obtained the AFNOR label “committed company” exemplary level.

rse coq vert et ISO26000

A solution that respects your data

Speakylink is a SaaS solution that guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data.

The data of our North American customers is hosted in Canada and subject to PIPEDA compliance and hosted in Europe for european customers in line with GDPR and CNIL requirements.

Canada feuille d'érable

An international dimension

Speakylink visual assistance knows no boundaries !

Currently, we have offices in France and Canada and we are already supporting international clients, both in Europe and in the Americas.

A 100% GDPR compliant solution

Each action is first proposed by the agent: (screen sharing, live video, etc.) via the Speakylink interface and each action is conditional on the customer’s acceptance, providing a reassuring and 100% GDPR customer experience.

une solution sécurisée

A secure solution

No readable confidential data passes through our Speakylink servers and all streams are encrypted.