Customer Relations Department

Humanize your client relations and increase the average basket of your customers

Today, customer experience includes a lot of different things. Whereas it is quite simple : a customer comes by curiosity, stays by choice, and returns by desire.

It looks simple but, generating this pleasant experience, this positive memory is quite complex. You want that each customer feels privileged, heard, and has a positive image of your brand.

When the customer buys for hundreds of dollars online, he want to « see » the items he is paying for.

Because the customer really wants this 2000€ sofa but is not sure that the fabric makes it exactly like on the webpage… He calls the customer service to be comforted and guided in his purchase.

At this point, Speakylink makes sense because : “blue… blue, but not like the other blue” is more difficult to describe than to show. Your seller can simply send a link by SMS to the customer during the conversation. By clicking on this link, the customer can see !

Visual assistance humanizes the relationship between your client and your seller… and allows to add to this sofa these nice cushions and even this carpet !

Key features


A solution compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers


Camera and screen share, visual indications

Photo / Video

Taking of photos remotely, sending of photos, videos and recording


Files sharing : jpeg, png, doc, xlsx, ppt, mp4,…


Request of geolocation and geolocated photos

A unique request, a unique user, a unique solution

Which benefits ?

Create a strategic differentiating advantage
from competitors
from a turnkey tool for additional sales strategies
your conversion rates (lead/customer ratio)
customer experience

Speakylink can be easily integrated into your customer relations solutions and your technical environment.


GDRP compatible





For who ?

Every day, Speakylink discovers new usecases in many fields, in particular in the following sectors :