Remote expertise

Teleporting the eyes of an expert on site

Experts are very valuable indeed. So are their knowledge and their time. When a single person is responsible for solving dozens of customer issues, their travels are a loss of time and a cost for the company. The more specific is the skill, the more expensive is the time.

To deliver a verdict, to determine the procedure to follow, to decide on the actual costs to repair damages… it needs the professional and trained insight of an expert.


An expertise is as specific as the need it addresses. Let us take the example of a farmer: is this strange grass that invades his field a danger, a threat, or an opportunity? The person who will be able to answer this question can’t be found just across the street. But, it is an urgent issue because, every minute a new weed appears. If only it was possible to teleport an expert…

Visual assistance gives us this magical channel of communication! No need to move an expert: all they have to do is send a link during the phone conversation and they will be able to see!
This is the power of Speakylink: teleporting the eyes of an expert on site. Being in the field without being in the field. Respond quickly and respond well.

Key features


A solution compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers


Camera and screen share, visual indications

Photo / Video

Taking of photos remotely, sending of photos, videos and recording


Files sharing : jpeg, png, doc, xlsx, ppt, mp4,…


Request of geolocation and geolocated photos

A unique request, a unique user, a unique solution​

What are the benefits?

time and resources


processing time and returns

the carbon footprint by reducing the number of travels

your customer satisfaction (reduction of churn rate)

Speakylink can be easily integrated into your customer relations solutions and your technical environment.


GDRP compatible





Who uses Speakylink?

Every day, Speakylink discovers new usecases in many fields, in particular in the following sectors :