Speakylink supports you in the use of the solution and trains you in video communication

Change Management – Support and Training

Our long experience in the business has taught us that the use of the video communication channel requires support for change.

That is why we have created tailor-made training.

In addition to the technical training on the Speakylink tool, we train you on the best practices of the video channel !

Speakylink is a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use solution. It requires no installation. However, it is sometimes difficult to get all team members on board this new project.

That’s why it’s important to them, that they understand the meaning of it, that they know when and how to use it, and how the video channel fits into the customer relationship.

The training objectives

By training your teams on the video channel, they will be able to :

Use collaborative tools during video interaction to highlight items, give instructions to the customer, and transmit files

Communicate remotely, to reach a fast and effective resolution and thus lower the emotional load

Accompany customers in a personalized way, with the most appropriate communication channel ; depending on the time, the requests and the customer’s need

Transport the customer into a multi-channel experience to provide quick and efficient support