After sales service

Reduce unnecessary returns and optimise your profitability

For each bad news, you need ten good news. The ratio is the same in customer relationship.

When the product you ordered doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter that the ten products your ordered before work perfectly : as a customer you are unhappy ! Even the smallest imperfection can ruin a brand image for a customer.

This smallest imperfection can be seen and corrected immediately thanks to Speakylink. This imperfection allows you to show your customers that they are important to you, even after that they paid for the product. And sometimes the problem is not with the product. Indeed, if the customer plugs that USB cable into the wrong plug, it can not work!

You just need to send a link by phone to your client in real time during the conversation and you will be able to see what they see!

Thanks to visual assistance, with just one call you can offer to help them solve the problem with really clear explanations.

You can also set in real time a return and a replacement !

By avoiding unnecessary returns and accelerating those that are justifice, you protect your brand image.

Key features


Speakylink is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers


Camera and screen sharing, visual information

Photo / Video

Remote photo taking, photo and video sending and recording


Files sharing: jpeg, png, doc, xlsx, ppt, mp4, …


Request for GPS position associated with photos

A unique request, a unique user, a unique solution

What are the benefits?

cost by limiting unnecessary product returns
Stand out
from the competition
your equipment operational

customer satisfaction (reduction of churn rate)



Speakylink can be easily integrated into your customer relationship management solutions and your technical environment.


GDPR compliant


installation required



Who uses Speakylink?

Every day, Speakylink discovers new usecases in many fields, in particular in the following sectors :