Damages and Expertise Department

Remotely certify and accelerate the treatment of damages for your customers

There are always several levels of damages.

This question makes us regularly ask for a tool that would allow us in real time and without moving, to realize a remote observation of the technical and human needs.

Turn a call center operator into a first-level expert with a magical phone call.

Thanks to visual assistance, a simple call transforms a call center operator into an experienced diagnostician.

That is the main advantage of Speakylink : your call center operator only have to send a link over the phone in real time during the conversation so that he can see what the customer is talking about ! Now he has a real capacity to deal directly with the problem : attest the damage remotely, measure the consequences, adapt the follow-up in stakeholders and in budget.

Key features


A solution compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers


Camera and screen share, visual indications

Photo / Video

Taking of photos remotely, sending of photos, videos and recording


Files sharing : jpeg, png, doc, xlsx, ppt, mp4,…


Request of geolocation and geolocated photos

A unique request, a unique user, a unique solution​

Which benefits ?

Secure and accelerate
claim reporting and clamin handling
the risk of fraud throught authentication of information and geolocating photos of the claim
Take care
of your customer emotional load
travel time for experts

Speakylink can be easily integrated into your customer relations solutions and your technical environment.


GDRP compatible





For who ?

Every day, Speakylink discovers new usecases in many fields, in particular in the following sectors :