Technical support

Make your interlocutor an actor in solving his problem

Technical assistance is a loss of an abyss of energy, money, and can affect your brand image sink. It’s very simple, the Bermuda triangle would not make them disappear as fast as bad technical support.

Because it is often the smallest actions that take the most time… When an expertise is in knowledge and not in action… it MUST be able to teleport easily.
Often, the smallest actions take us the biggest part of the time. So, when an expert can help without being physically on the field, it is important to give him the tools he needs to do it.

Through visual assistance, a simple call transforms two contacts interlocutors into a single superhero. One has his the knowledge, the other has his hands. Because restarting a server, even when you don’ not know anything about IT, remains simple like finding the right button:. “The green one, on the your right. No, the other right”.

All you have to do is to send a link by text message in real time to your customer interlocutor during the conversation and, magic, you will see ! A simple gesture like the pride of having succeeded in «rebooting» on your own! Your customer will be proud of having succeeded in rebooting “alone”.

Key features


A solution compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers


Camera and screen share, visual indications

Photo / Video

Taking of photos remotely, sending of photos, videos and recording


Files sharing : jpeg, png, doc, xlsx, ppt, mp4,…


Request of geolocation and geolocated photos

A unique request, a unique user, a unique solution

Which benefits ?

your travels, your carbon footprint and therefore your accident rate
your resolution rate from the first intervention
your team’s skills through third-party support
your support costs by reducing your intervention times

Speakylink can be easily integrated into your customer relations solutions and your technical environment.


GDRP compatible





For who ?

Every day, Speakylink discovers new usecases in many fields, in particular in the following sectors :