Speakylink allows you to be in the field without leaving your office.


Speakylink allows you to be in the field without leaving your office.
It is sometimes frustrating not to understand what your customer is tring to tell you.
Speakylink brings a new vision for your interventions. You will be able to understand your customer’s real need during the first phone call.
An obvious solution that will become a necessary solution. The soothing simplicity of a more human relationship.

Who are Speakylink’s users ?

Damages and expertise department

Remotely certify and accelerate the treatment of damages for your customers

After-sales service

Limit abusive returns and optimize your profitability

Technical support

Make your interlocutor an actor in solving his problem

Remote expertise

Teleport the knowledge of an expert to the site and not his presence

Customer relations department

Humanize your customer relationship and increase the average basket of your customers


Diagnose and monitor your patients remotely

A unique request, a unique user, a unique solution

The 4 steps to give a new vision to your teams and to your interactions


A difficulty

We call you. When words are no longer enough, the discussion requires a visual assistance.


A link

While in communication, you send them a link by text message or email through Speakylink’s interface.


A simple clic

on the link to start the session.


A solution

Share webcam, documents, photos, location, co-browsing

Speakylink in a few figures



1 single call is necessary to solve your client’s issue

65 €


65€ saved per trip avoided thanks to visual assistance


tons of CO2

saved every 150 operations

Customers interviews