Speakylink allows you to be in the field without leaving your office.


Speakylink allows you to be in the field without leaving your office.

It is sometimes frustrating not to understand what your customer is trying to tell you.

Speakylink brings a new vision to your customer care calls. You will be able to understand your customer’s real needs from the first phone call.

A solution that is so obvious that it will become an essential solution. The reassuring simplicity of a more human relationship.

Who are Speakylink’s users ?

Damage claims and expertise department

Remotely certify and accelerate the processing of damage claims for your customers.

After-Sales Service

Reduce unnecessary returns and optimise your profitability


Technical Support

Make your caller an active participant in solving his/her problem.

Remote Expertise

Teleport the knowledge of an expert to the site without the need of his/her presence.

Customer relations department

Humanize your customer relationship and increase the average shopping cart value.


Diagnose and monitor your patients remotely.

A unique request, a unique user, a unique solution

The 4 steps to give a new vision to your teams and to your interactions


une personne au téléphone ne comprend pas ce que dit son interlocuteur

A difficulty

You receive a call. When words are no longer sufficient, the discussion requires a visual assistance solution.


l'agent speakylink envoie un lien sms a son interlocuteur

A link

Whilst on the call, you send them a link by text message or email through the Speakylink’s interface.


l'interlocuteur reçoit un mail par sms et clique dessus

A simple click

on the link to start the session.


L'interlocuteur peut montrer en direct ce qu'il voit pour que l'agent puisse contextualiser son besoin (image: une personne tien un portable dans ses main montrant un colis défectueux)

A solution

Ask their permission to share webcam, documents, photos, location, enable co-browsing, …

Speakylink in numbers



1 call single is all you need to solve your client’s issue

65 €


65 EUR saved for each trip avoided thanks to the visual assistance session.


tons of CO2

saved every 150 sessions completed

Customers interviews