Video assistance solution for SDIS

Contextualize with video to better prepare your interventions

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Video assistance for the SDIS sector

Speakylink enables firefighters from the SDIS (Services Départementaux d’Incendie et de Secours) to contextualize the situation from the very first video call, facilitating rapid and accurate assessment of the emergency level. This enables the operational response to be adapted by mobilizing the appropriate resources. Speakylink also enables emergency services to effectively guide bystanders on site for preliminary safety measures prior to the arrival of firefighters.

How do SDIS firefighters use Speakylink?
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Analyze an emergency situation from the very first call
Thanks to Speakylink, SDIS firefighters are able to analyze the situation accurately from the very first call, and engage the appropriate emergency services.

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Assist witnesses from a distance
The video channel enables SDIS teams to reassure witnesses from a distance, and to communicate first-aid techniques while waiting for your teams to arrive on the scene.

They chose Speakylink
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Video assistance for optimized emergency response
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Visualize your caller’s environment without interrupting the call in progress

When words aren’t enough, the exchange needs visual assistance. Without interrupting your phone call, send a link by sms or e-mail to your caller to see what he/she sees and quickly analyze the situation without breaking the phone call in progress.

Communicate and reassure

With video assistance, you can reassure and communicate directly with your contact. For example, you can transmit photos or videos to guide them through first aid procedures while they wait for your teams to arrive. Similarly, if your contact’s situation changes, you can allow him or her to switch to chat only, without interrupting the ongoing telephone conversation.

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Improve the speed of your interventions

  • Precise location: Speakylink provides the exact location of the incident from the very first video call, making it easy to quickly identify the location of the emergency.
  • Reduced response time: Real-time geolocation enables emergency personnel to choose the quickest route, reducing response times, especially in critical situations or hard-to-reach locations.
  • Optimization of resources: Knowing the precise location of the incident, you can better allocate your resources by sending your closest teams, thus saving time.
More functionality

Speakylink integrates natively with your customer relations solutions and technical environment.


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