Video assistance solution for insurance companies

Optimize claims handling and processing, and increase policyholder satisfaction.

Video assistance for insurance companies

Whether you’re looking to optimize claims handling or to support your policyholders in subscribing to one of your offers, visio-assistance can become your real ally.
A solution to optimize and humanize your policyholders’ experience

How do insurance companies use Speakylink?
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Remote claims adjustment

Insurers use video assistance to avoid the need for their adjusters to travel on site, and to carry out an initial appraisal.
(MRH: Multi risque habitions, auto…)

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Help with underwriting and administrative procedures

To help policyholders take out insurance policies remotely, or to guide them through the use of interfaces such as platforms and applications.

Speakylink to optimize your sales and humanize the relationship with your policyholders
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Offer your policyholders a unique customer experience

  • Send a link by text message, chat or e-mail to your policyholder to initiate a video call.
  • Speakylink is multidevice and will adapt equally well to a tablet, PC or smartphone.
  • 100% RGPD and secure solution
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Optimize your sales

  • Offer screen sharing and co-browsing to accompany your customers through the process of underwriting your insurance policies and assist them in using your interfaces.
  • Integrate electronic signature and online payment functionalities to simplify the transaction process and optimize your sales.
  • Integrate Speakylink with your customer relations, CRM, customer service and contact center software.
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Speed up claims processing

  • In the event of a claim, your advisor launches a video-assistance system to assess the policyholder’s environment without the need to immediately call in an expert on site.
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Retrieving supporting documents

  • The customer can submit authentic supporting documents to your experts. Your manager can then carry out all the administrative tasks involved in compensating the customer and initiating the repair work at the same time.
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Ensure the security of your communications and the protection of your data.

  • Speakylink is a 100% RDGP solution
  • The agent remains in charge of initiating actions: (screen sharing, live video…) via the Speakylink interface and each action is conditional on the customer’s acceptance – a reassuring 100% RGPD customer experience.
  • Speakylink is a secure solution. No readable confidential data passes through our Speakylink servers, and all flows are encrypted.
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