Video assistance solution for industry

Reduce your technicians’ travel time and prepare your field interventions in advance.

Industrie visio
Visio-assistance in industry

Enable your technicians to quickly solve your customers’ problems remotely, thanks to Visio assistance. Reduce machine downtime, personalize your support service and increase customer satisfaction.

How do manufacturers use Speakylink?
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Remote customer troubleshooting
Help customers solve their problems. Machine breakdown…

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Technician support
A field agent in difficulty can call on remote experts for assistance.

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Pre-intervention assessment.
The support department qualifies the need in advance to ensure the best possible intervention.

Video assistance to optimize your field operations
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Manage your support requests from the very first contact.

  • Send a link by sms, chat or e-mail to your customer or technician to initiate video assistance.
  • Speakylink is multi-device and adapts equally well to tablets, PCs and smartphones.
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Accompany the caller by better contextualizing the situation encountered in the field

  • Support your customers or technicians remotely with SPEAKYLINK features such as visual assistance, graphic pointer, document sharing and geolocation. To help them resolve their requests from the very first contact.
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Ensure the security of your communications and the protection of your data.

  • Speakylink is a 100% RDGP solution
  • The agent remains in charge of initiating actions: (screen sharing, live video…) via the Speakylink interface and each action is conditional on the customer’s acceptance – a reassuring customer experience and 100% RGPD.
  • A secure solution: No readable confidential data passes through our Speakylink servers, and all data flows are encrypted.
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