Video assistance solution for the retail and e-commerce sector

Optimize your after-sales service and boost your online sales with video assistance.

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Video assistance in the retail and e-commerce sector

Speakylink, used in the retail sector, enables you to optimize not only your after-sales service, but also your customer experience.

  • After-sales service : Reduce your costs by limiting the number of unnecessary product returns from your customers and the number of interventions by your technical teams.
  • Customer relations : Humanize your customer relations and increase the average shopping basket.
How is Speakylink used in the retail and e-commerce sectors?
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After-sales service
To remotely inspect the product of a customer who calls the after-sales service to confirm whether or not it has been returned.

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Online shopping assistance
To guide web users through the purchasing process, through co-browsing for example.

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Product demonstrations
Use visio to show live demonstrations of the product a customer wants to buy.

Optimize sales and improve customer relations with Speakylink
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Offer your customers a unique experience

  • Send a link by text message, chat or e-mail to your customer to initiate a video call.
  • Speakylink is multidevice and can be adapted to tablets, PCs and smartphones.

Solve your customers’ needs from the very first call

  • Take advantage of co-browsing, screen sharing and other collaborative features to assist your customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Visualize your customers’ environment to meet their needs from the very first call, whether it’s for after-sales requests or questions about your products and services.
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Boost your sales

  • Accelerate your sales transformation rate.
  • Facilitate transactions by integrating 100% secure electronic payment functionalities.
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Optimize your after-sales service

  • Avoid unnecessary product returns (and the associated additional costs), and when intervention is still necessary, video assistance enables you to better prepare for it.
  • Help your customers to solve their own problems (or order parts online if necessary – SelfCare).
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Ensure the security of your communications and the protection of your data.

  • Speakylink is a 100% RDGP solution
  • The agent remains in charge of initiating actions: (screen sharing, live video…) via the Speakylink interface and each action is conditional on the customer’s acceptance a reassuring customer experience and 100% RGPD.
  • Speakylink is a secure solution. No readable confidential data passes through our Speakylink servers, and all data flows are encrypted
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Speakylink to optimize after-sales service
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