Customer feedback VIF - technical support

Customer feedback for the technical support : Bruno Denis, Director of Information systems at VIF company

We met Bruno Denis, CIO at VIF, who agreed to give us his feedback on using the Speakylink solution to improve technical support in his company.

Here is his interview.

Can you tell us about the activity of your company?

VIF designs, develops and deploys innovative ERP, MES and Supply Chain Planning software solutions to support industrial process SMEs and midcaps in the execution and sustainable improvement of their operational performance.

These solutions set a benchmark in the complex and demanding food industry whose performance we have supported for 40 years. What sets us apart from other publishers and integrators is the complementarity of our solutions that digitize the 3 key processes of overall performance of industrial companies – Anticipation, Management and Execution.

They make it possible to identify the performance levers at all levels of the company, from long-term anticipation to management and execution in real time:

  • Manage the business,
  • Develop turnover and profitability by optimizing flows and operations,
  • Ensuring quality and traceability …

And this, taking into account their many industrial constraints (markets, regulations, materials, products, processes, etc.).

Our software and our support are tailored to the challenges and needs of each company, and allow process industrial SMEs and midcaps to access the Industry of the Future today and sustainably support their growth and competitiveness.

I am all CIO of the VIF company, but I am also responsible for industrial IT activity and partnerships with industry partners, publishers or equipment manufacturers.

Can you tell us what were your difficulties before implementing Speakylink?

Our customers may have problems in their factories which we cannot visualize and which they are not always able to explain to us because IT is not their job, but ours. And so when they have to explain to us a problem they’re having, they don’t always have the words and we don’t always have the right questions. Before having the correct explanation of a problem from the customer, you must ask the same question several times, in different ways, to be successful in identifying it, and this is not always convincing. So I had found that we could spend a tremendous amount of time understanding the problem rather than solving it.

It is a waste of time, which can generate annoyance that we do not understand each other, and therefore create dissatisfaction on both sides. I had been explaining to my teams for years that it would be interesting if we could find a solution that would be our eyes with customers. That we can see what our interlocutor sees without having to travel because we have clients all over France and a little abroad. We cannot send an engineer or support technician across the UK with a snap of a finger for a problem that could be fixed in minutes if it was properly explained.

I have long thought about a solution that would allow us to see what our interlocutor is sending and to understand much more quickly, or even to make him act where we want him to act while being able to see that he is doing well what we are doing to him. let’s say to do.

Why did you choose Speakylink rather than another solution?

Before Speakylink I couldn’t really find an offering in the market that met our needs. And one day I was introduced to Speakylink, a solution that was really what I had imagined, what I had dreamed of. I also chose Speakylink because it was a solution that was easy to adopt and promote. I saw another collaborator last week who used it next to me. From the moment he offered it to his interlocutor and the moment he saw what was going on with the client, less than a minute passed.

In addition, the advantage of this solution is that it is non-intrusive. It suffices to explain to the interlocutor what the solution does, what we want to do with him so that he accepts without complaining, since he can stop the communication at any time, and not authorize what ‘he didn’t want to allow. Incidentally, it is also a Nantes and French solution that I found very innovative.

So I was convinced right away that it would fulfill the purpose that people expected.

Did you hesitate before adopting speakylink?

Not at all, because it is a solution that I had dreamed of for a long time.

And what is the concrete contribution of this solution to your business today? What changes have you noticed?

I saw last week that its contribution is to immediately allow us to understand a problem with the customer without having to ask them dozens of questions. This is the first advantage; Speakylink will allow us to quickly understand the problem where it is not very clearly stated.

Then, the second advantage is that it really creates an interaction with our interlocutor. There is a human dimension. It’s really awesome. We are talking about the same thing right away.

And the third advantage is that it saves a lot of time managing support tickets and, as a result, gives my employees more peace of mind and increases customer satisfaction.

Do you think this solution strengthens your brand image?

I think it’s too early to say that it has strengthened it, but the day when all of our customers have had a finger on this solution we will be able to say it. In any case, Speakylink really professionalises our support offer. Speakylink simply needs to democratize in terms of use within our company. Today, it is our agents who must have the reflex to use it.

I think that tomorrow, I could quite imagine promoting this mode of exchange with our customers so that if the agent with us does not have the reflex, maybe the customer will think about requesting a connection via Speakylink.

Finally, would you recommend Speakylink? If so, in what framework? What kind of person?

Yes, I would recommend Speakylink without hesitation. And this is a solution that I recommend primarily to all businesses that may need remote technical support.

Very well, thank you very much Bruno for your time and good luck!