Visual assistance and building sector : how Speakylink supports building stakeholders ?

A client contacts you to carry out a project. Whereas before you had to travel, visual assistance now allows you to make an initial diagnosis remotely in order to best assess the content of the project and work on a relevant quote.

An innovative tool, designed to meet the requirements and constraints that construction stakeholders face every day. This is how it is possible, from a simple phone call, to establish a visual connection with the customer. You send the latter a link by SMS or email via your Speakylink interface, the customer clicks on it and voila! You can then talk to him, see him, exchange documents, enjoy screen sharing and globally exploit the full scope of a video calling solution that is as powerful as it is intuitive.

Speakylink visual assistance supports building stakeholders

Very useful as part of a first contact, to help you better define the outlines of a project while it is in its infancy, regardless of the context, the Speakylink visual assistance solution also accompanies you in other cases. It allows you to:

  • Optimize your trips on site: this allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and your fuel consumption, but also the risk of accidents.
  • Resolve problems more effectively: whether it concerns the customer directly or your employees on the site. Multi-channel communication here allows you to be by their side without actually moving.
  • Improve your productivity.
  • Give your business a more modern image.

What are the scenarios where visual assistance helps building stakeholders?

The scenarios are numerous. Speakylink visual assistance therefore finds its relevance during the very first stages of a project: you can assess the nature of the work to be carried out remotely, establish an initial diagnosis, draw up an estimate, plan the interventions, distribute the work between your different teams, anticipate the problems that are likely to arise and thus perfectly meet the requirements of your customers.

Visual assistance which also helps you optimize your maintenance. Alongside your customers, your employees can respond to their requests by using a modern, intuitive and flexible tool.

Ultimately, Speakylink allows you to lead your projects with a head start, whatever the context. Visual assistance which has shown its great usefulness during the health crisis and which now allows you to truly enjoy benefits over time

To demonstrate greater precision, provide clear answers to your customers, show them all the attention they deserve and to better communicate with your teams and collaborators without multiplying back and forths, visual assistance Speakylink imposes itself. A very simple tool to use, for you and your interlocutors, which does not require for them any tedious installation.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to give it a try. Speakylink, the visual assistance specialist helps you to carry out your projects in the best circonstances.