Komeo Testimonial

We went to meet Frédéric Bauduin, Director of Development at Komeo, who agreed to share his experience as an integrator of the Speakylink solution. Here is his interview.


Can you introduce us to your company’s activities?

Komeo is a French company based in the Hauts-de-France region: we are an integrator and designer of software solutions for communication and exchange for businesses. I am Frédéric Bauduin, Director of Development, responsible for business activities and partnerships.


What are your roles? What solutions do you integrate and edit?

We design turnkey and custom software solutions for our clients: For their employees to streamline and facilitate their daily exchanges, whether they are stationary or mobile; for their Customer Relations advisors to manage and improve their omnichannel interactions with their end customers;

We are not publishers: we compose and integrate specific software to provide the ideal functional coverage for our clients’ needs. Currently, we specialize in the Kiamo software solution for contact centers and have, for example, successfully integrated the Speakylink solution in terms of UX to enable the activation of a video sharing session with a customer’s smartphone when needed.


Why did you integrate Speakylink into your portfolio? What does Speakylink bring to you as an integrator?

One of our clients challenged us to enhance their Kiamo platform with a video assistance solution to improve the efficiency of their customer service (reducing and optimizing their technicians’ travel, providing faster assistance and troubleshooting to their BtoC customers). After research, Speakylink emerged as the obvious and ideal solution: very easy to integrate into the Kiamo agent interface with an AX (Agent Experience), a professional and available team, a very short integration time, and a relevant business model (easily associated with ROI for our clients).

How long have you been working with Speakylink? 

2 years of collaboration, and already several successful projects.

What are the targeted audiences?

Any client looking to improve their customer/supplier service and operational efficiency in the context of their remote activities: in other words, an increasing number of companies, given the trends induced by the current health crisis! Video significantly facilitates clear understanding (for the agent or expert) and the effort of explanation (for the client) in all areas related to the need for diagnosis and/or assessment (insurance, automotive, after-sales service, …).

Could you mention the 3 main advantages of the solution, as well as the 3 areas for improvement/evolution?

Advantages from my perspective: Speakylink is extremely simple, and a single demonstration is enough to convince (there is only one Speakylink presentation slide in our sales materials!); An open and perfectly integrable solution to complement, if necessary, the ‘standard’ features of our Kiamo solution. The greatest strength in my opinion; A truly relevant solution with a very clear and beneficial impact on the quality of customer service, the effort rate of internal collaborators (advisors, experts, technicians), and the environment; As for improvements … I continue to believe that SMART and SMALL is BEAUTIFUL.

What are the initial feedback from your sales force? and from your clients?

Always a “wow” effect during demonstrations when we offer our clients/prospects to participate in a Speakylink video-sharing session with their own smartphone! So, it’s a solution that we regularly highlight, if only to demonstrate our capabilities in integrating innovative solutions.

How is the relationship with the Speakylink editor going? What do you appreciate?

A flawless relationship with Speakylink since the beginning of our partnership: responsiveness, proximity, attentive listening. Clearly, a shared vision of our profession and our clients. We are now autonomous in deploying the Speakylink solution, which is very reassuring for us and improves our ability to deliver to our clients.

Thanks to the SPEAKYLINK team.

Thank you very much, Frédéric, for the time you have given us and your daily trust!