Kiamo Testimonial


After a year of collaboration, Speakylink interviewed Arnaud Cavé, Marketing and Communication Director at Kiamo, the distributor of our solution. He explains to us whom and why he recommends Speakylink to his clients.

Can you introduce Kiamo?

Kiamo is a customer interaction management solution. As an omnichannel cloud platform, we provide businesses with the ability to manage all their incoming/outgoing flows related to customer interactions across different communication channels: phone/softphone, email, chat, social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, …), SMS, video, and dematerialized mail. With 18 years of experience in the market, we have developed strong expertise in the field of customer relations. With over 420 clients, we are the editor with the largest installed base in France, currently counting around 30,000 users who use Kiamo every day to manage customer requests and complaints.

Why did you choose to integrate Speakylink into your offering? What does Speakylink bring to you?

We decided to integrate Speakylink because of the advantages that the solution offers and that we consider essential. According to a well-known saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Indeed, the customer journey is simple and easy on both the advisor’s and the client’s side. In case of technical incidents or complex requests from the client, communication is realized through a video call, allowing a better understanding of the client’s needs and providing tailored assistance. The Speakylink solution is secure and compliant with GDPR regulations. It is necessary to obtain the client’s approval to initiate the video connection. Moreover, Speakylink requires no application download and works on all types of smartphones, offering unprecedented ease of use. This allows addressing complex customer needs in terms of technical support, breakdowns, malfunctions, etc., by enabling advisors to establish an effective remote diagnosis.

What are the targeted audiences?

This solution can be applied in various sectors such as insurance, real estate, industry, retail and e-commerce, as well as social landlords. It offers the ability to meet the needs of businesses in a wide range of domains.

Could you mention the 3 main advantages of the solution, as well as the 3 areas for improvement/evolution?

Firstly, let’s mention the efficiency in handling customer requests, which brings productivity gains. Speakylink contributes to reducing the time required for processing customer interactions. The use of videos facilitates and accelerates the resolution of customer issues.
Secondly, technician travels are only scheduled when necessary, leading to a reduction in internal costs. Similarly, product returns are avoided when it is possible to assist the customer remotely in their usage. This is the second benefit.
Finally, to address the increasingly important environmental challenges integrated into companies’ strategies, reducing the number of technician travels contributes to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. This means fewer utility vehicles on the roads!
As for points to improve, our collaboration with Speakylink is only a year old. Therefore, the necessary perspective to fully evaluate the solution is still lacking. During this year of collaboration, no use case has generated negative feedback. However, it could be beneficial to expand the possibility of including more people in the videos. For example, during a video call, an advisor could request the assistance of an expert when their skills are not sufficient to solve the problem, thus transitioning from a two-person call to a three-person call, allowing for more targeted support or expertise.

What are the initial feedback from your sales force? And from your clients?

The initial feedback mainly focuses on the distinctive nature of the solution compared to other customer interaction systems. This solution complements our range of customer interaction channels, bringing an innovative aspect that sparks interest and arouses the curiosity of the customer to whom it is proposed.
There is a real “Wow!” effect, as few clients expect to receive video assistance, enriching the experience through the voice channel. Customers particularly appreciate the smooth usage when initiating a call. This constitutes a new tool for advisors, an additional tool to improve customer satisfaction management by reassuring the customer at each step of their purchasing process, experience, and after-sales service.

How is the relationship with the Speakylink editor going? Without changing the meaning.
What do you appreciate?

What we appreciate in our collaboration with Speakylink is the enhancement of the solution and the quality of support and deployment for our clients. We perceive a partner who has developed a technically proficient solution and supports product distributors both commercially and in terms of support. This is demonstrated by valuable assistance in supporting their clients, whether by providing expertise or offering training.