Tiptel Testimonial

After a year of collaboration, we interviewed Thierry Lavault, Sales Manager for France at Tiptel. Discover why he chose to integrate Speakylink into his offering and his feedback on this partnership.


Originally, Tiptel is a German manufacturer in the telecommunications sector. Over time, Tiptel has adapted to market trends, innovations, and technological changes in telecommunications by expanding into various peripheral products.

Since its establishment in 1973, Tiptel has expanded internationally, including in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, and Belgium, with a presence in France since 1997.

Today, following internal developments, Tiptel France has become a subsidiary focusing on the sales development of telecommunications products.

In the future, Tiptel aims to expand its product strategy through diversification rather than broadening its geographical market by creating new subsidiaries.


Who is the Speakylink solution offered to?

We exclusively operate through indirect sales, primarily targeting telecom and IT integrators. Over the years, our client portfolio has expanded to include companies in office automation, electricity, and operators – entities now operating in the extensive field of telecommunications and networks.

Regarding the Speakylink solution, we have no restrictions on the partners we target because we believe Speakylink is relevant to all entities interested in customer relations, whether directly or indirectly. We distribute the Speakylink solution across all our networks, with a specific focus on partners specializing in contact and call centers, closely tied to customer relations.

Why offer them our solution?

According to us, Speakylink represents a breakthrough product in the unified communication world.

Speakylink is a niche product that serves as a catalyst in our commercial approach, enabling us to reach targets that conventional products struggle to attract, for example.

Moreover, Tiptel is recognized for distributing niche products and, more broadly, for adopting a diversification strategy – Speakylink fits perfectly into this strategic dimension and aligns with the Tiptel DNA.

Could you mention the main advantages and areas for improvement?

The two main advantages of Speakylink:

Its ease of use – an intuitive and visually appealing tool that encourages adoption through a simple demonstration.
The fact that no application is required, eliminating all barriers related to updates or potential compatibility issues.
But that’s not all; Speakylink is a unique tool without any competition.

As for areas for development, I believe its success could be based on positioning Speakylink as a generalized integration solution. I am convinced that Speakylink has numerous applications beyond customer relations.

How is the relationship with the Speakylink publisher progressing?

Our collaboration with Speakylink is relatively recent, starting in 2021 during a CDRT meeting that brings together telecom players. I immediately embraced Speakylink’s philosophy.

Since then, we have initiated a genuine collaboration and began distributing the solution in September 2022. I would say that the establishment of this collaboration was very swift and, above all, natural!

The Tiptel and Speakylink teams quickly understood the challenges of distributing the solution through an indirect channel.

Moreover, beyond professional affinities, I noticed the commitment, willingness, and even enthusiasm of the Speakylink teams to implement a genuine human collaboration in support of our commercial structure. My perception aligns perfectly with the very essence of the Speakylink solution: putting a bit more humanity at the center of customer relations.