Benjamin Picq, Speakylink CEO presents the solution in the Focus PME program of BFM Business

This Saturday, November 27, Benjamin Picq, Managing Partner of Speakylink was the guest of the Focus PME program presented by Vincent Touraine to explain in detail the visual assistance solution. Watch the video interview!

What was the idea behind the Speakylink solution?

Speakylink was born from a fairly simple observation that there are situations that are difficult if not impossible to describe over the telephone. We thought that it could be interesting to create a solution that allows, in addition to a traditional telephone exchange, to provide video assistance using our client’s smartphone, tablet or PC.


You are a Nantes company that has been in existence since 2020 in its current form, Speakylink currently has 1,500 active users, but how does Speakylink visual assistance work?

When an agent in a contact center, customer service or support service receives a call that is difficult to understand, he can in parallel with his conversation, send his client a Speakylink link by text or email. The customer then just has to click on the link, without interrupting the phone call and the agent will then see exactly the same as him. The Speakylink solution is very simple and requires absolutely no downloads on either the client side or the agent side. In addition, it absolutely does not call into question the technical or IT environment of the customer.


Do you have concrete examples of use to give us, in everyday life?

In everyday life, there are 3 main reasons for not understanding the phone:

The first is the misunderstanding related to technical vocabulary. Typically, you buy a refrigerator, you have a problem with the door of your refrigerator, well when you go to call your after-sales service, often you will hear the problem of the “stuff ” of the refrigerator door.

It can also be a problem of order, typically “complex situation”, an agent or a technician has to restart a machine on which there are a multitude of lights and buttons and he does not know which to press.

And finally rather in an insurance mode, you are the victim of water damage or a car crash and the emotional charge that will follow this event will mean that you will not necessarily have clear ideas or the right words to describe it to your insurer. So showing it remains the best!


Who are your clients ?

Our customers are damage and appraisal services, maintenance services, after-sales services, support services, but also emergency services.

To illustrate this, we all had to declare a claim one day to our insurer, or call an after-sales service when we had a defective or damaged product or even call a support service because we do not know how to start a machine. , and then for some of us, we were the victim or witness of an accident and we had to call the emergency services.


And in the case of customer service, what do you mainly contribute?

Speakylink will facilitate the handling of the request, but above all speed up its processing by retrieving the visual elements necessary for the response while keeping the client online. Typically, this will reduce trips and unnecessary interventions and therefore significantly increase the resolution rate from the first call.

Finally, if the displacement remains necessary, the visual assistance will make it possible to better prepare the intervention upstream by adapting the necessary equipment and human devices. Typically, a machine breaks down on a site, and the technician must arrive on the ground with the right equipment to be able to unlock it quickly. Speakylink will allow him to make a remote pre-diagnosis to allow him to better prepare for his intervention.


We are finishing with your development, in the years to come, what will that go through ?

Today Speakylink, thousands of users for whom the solution rings true. In fact, often in our demonstrations we are told this is exactly the solution I needed without knowing it existed. So today our development involves making this solution known to as many people as possible in France and internationally.

Thank you to the entire BFM business team and to Vincent Touraine for inviting us to the BFM Business set.

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