Customer Feedback - remote expertise

Speakylink Customer Feedback for Remote Expertise: Christian Gauttier, customer relationship manager at Terrena

We met Christian Gauttier, customer relations manager at Terrena, who agreed to give us his feedback on the use of Speakylink to improve remote expertise within his company.

Here is his interview.

Can you tell us about the activity of your company?

Terrena is an agricultural cooperative. Our main activity is the sale and supply of production tools: (seeds, fertilizers …) and the purchase of their production both in B2B and B2C.

I would say that our customer promise is proximity, expertise and availability. The added value of our productions is that they remain in our territories, they cannot be relocated. Finally, the profits we make go to shareholders, and therefore to farmers. As far as I am concerned, I work in the customer relationship service, I take care of assistance for farmers, who have technical questions or assistance with tools.

Can you tell us what were your difficulties before implementing Speakylink?

We had a real lack of speed in understanding a problem over the phone. The transcription of the problem was always a little complicated. It was difficult to explain and understand each other, without being able to show or see anything. We needed something visual to help us.

Why did you choose Speakylink rather than another solution?

We already had a few tools at our disposal, but it was not easy for the teams to use them.
And one day I was introduced to the Speakylink solution, which completely met our needs and seemed much easier to use.

Did you hesitate before adopting the solution?

At the beginning yes, in the sense that I was trying to think about how we would use it. We we did a test period before launching. We did not hesitate for a question of cost, but rather because deploying a tool is always an investment of time and it is also an intellectual investment.

What change in your business have you noticed thanks to Speakylink?

At Terrena, we have 3 main uses of Speakylink. They exceed that of my department
The first is assistance to farmers, when they are stuck on their tools, Speakylink replaces remote control.

The second use we have is related to the technical expertise service which could be called “plant medicine”. In fact, we have general technicians who roam the territory and go to the fields. They are able to detect the majority of problems related to diseases, but inevitably they can sometimes get stuck and call on a remote expert to explain the problem encountered. So that’s where we usually run the video. “There, the plant, here is the symptom, it’s white. I bring the camera closer. “And there, usually the expert identifies the problem, and to start building the file, he will ask for photos. This is probably where the use is most concrete.

It may also happen that the expert has no other choice but to move, and in these cases, the geolocation functionality comes into play. We provide the necessary elements to bring the expert, which would have was more complicated to do through a map, especially when some plots are several tens of hectares. This is really what interested the technical department. That is, in a matter of minutes, we can very quickly identify the problem, where we might have struggled, where we would not have been very sure of ourselves. Then, we can very quickly move on to the file constitution phase.

Finally, the third use is more intended for people selling materials. But for the moment, it is not very developed with us.

So to summarize, we have commercial use, technical use as well as “support” use.

Is the solution appreciated by your teams? What feedback do you have?

Yes, it is well perceived, well received, but not sufficiently used yet. In fact, what we still lack a bit is the reflex and therefore the pace of use. It is not yet homogeneous. It takes a little while to fall into place, but it will come.

But what appeals to teams is above all what we save in terms of time invested, mental load and work efficiency.

And of course, if I position myself as an end customer, I will appreciate the solution because somewhere I can see that it speeds up the resolution of the problem.

I don’t have a lot of customer feedback yet but I am convinced that it can only be positive.

Finally, would you recommend Speakylink? If so, in what situation? And for what person ?

Yes, I recommend in the sense that it is not very complicated to implement. It’s not overwhelmingly engaging. We are not talking about software costing 40,000 euros. Plus, it’s flexible, it doesn’t require installation or download, and it works great.
I think this is a very good solution.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Good continuation.